Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i've never been martha stewart..

and here is another example: i have some major house blog cleaning to do. i haven't even posted about godfather g's visit in feb, my parents visit in march, or our trip to orlando in april. but i'm not going to download the pictures to post tonight so once again i'll be putting off that spring cleaning...

(oh and i still have to do xmas cards...)


baby j just took 4 ozs from the bottle tonight! we have been trying almost daily for the past month to get her to drink from a bottle or a cup - just not from me! This all started on December 30th of last year and now after countless tries since with bm, formula, mommy holding the bottle, daddy holding the bottle, strangers holding the bottle, a special priority shipment of every nipple, bottle, and pacifier imaginable (pam - you are too kind), and 3 different sippy cup types later... we might have broken her.*

* i don't want to jinx myself - i'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. but perhaps i can say "Hilton Head here i come"??!?!?!??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

please stay tuned...

i know i've been very quiet lately, but i wanted to quickly check in to say i'll be quiet a bit longer. first i was busy with wrapping up taxes, then packing, and now i'm busy on vacation.

Friday, April 3, 2009

3 down, 2 more to go...

t-man's 1 ear infection last week


little miss k's 2 ear infections last week


baby k's 6 month checkup today revealing that she has 2 ears infected as well


1 tired mommy who is anxiously awaiting the drier weather so the kids can play outside and stop swapping the sickies.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

even when the days go by slowly, the months are flying by...

baby j is six months today!

now if only we could get her to take a bottle...

how do you talk a 3 year old out of coping a squat on your front yard?

seriously - this story does NOT have an "April's Fools" ending...

this afternoon i was cleaning up the garage while t-man and little miss k were playing in the front yard and biking around our driveway. at one point, t-man quietly disappeared. i looked around for him, checked out the back yard, etc. and all i could find was his bike parked on our front walkway. i asked little miss k if t-man had gone inside to use the potty and she said something i couldn't understand - she obviously didn't know what she was talking about. so i quickly popped into the house and checked the 1st floor bathroom and discovered t-man busying reading a book while he was dropping a few kids off at the pool. i then returned outside to find little miss k hanging out in the mulch between a tree and a rhododendron off to the side in our front yard. i ask what she is up to and she says something again that i can't understand. i don't think anything of it until i do a double take, see her bare cheeks flash the cars driving by on our street since she has pulled her skirt and big girl pants down, and realize that she is telling me that girls can go potty outside too. i try to explain that t-man is inside using the potty and we're not hiking in the woods* - this is our front yard and there is a potty 20 feet away that she can use. she of course says "no - girls can go potty outside too." and the truth is - she's right. we let her pee all the time outside when we're hiking. so i decide to switch tactics - i then tell her that her pee will kill the grass and the flowers so if she really wants to go outside she needs to go in the backyard. i don't know what happened or what worked but she somehow ended up pulling her skirt back up and not going potty anywhere outside or inside?!?!? go figure...

* (and i'm thinking: "we're not tailgating next to the bushes in the outfield of ND's baseball stadium either")