Friday, January 30, 2009

my "to do" listS...

things i HAVE to do today:

  • finish laundry
  • pack for our family trip tomorrow (plan on going to charlotte for an overnight)
  • bake egg and nut free chocolate chip cookies for superbowl party on sunday (because we won't be getting back until sunday afternoon and i need to bake egg and nut free cupcakes then for the party as well)
  • change baby j (she's nursing right now and i can smell her diaper from here)
  • give baby j a bath (she hasn't had one since my last posting)

things i would LOVE to do today:

  • take a nap (it's at the top of my list ALWAYS)
  • take a shower
  • warm up with a steamy medium french vanilla decaf D&D
  • take a picture of the finished mural on baby j's wall and post it for you to see
  • eat some egg and nut free chocolate chip cookies (it is the best cookie recipe)
  • finish the damn xmas cards and get those out in the mail
  • finish up thank yous and get those out in the mail

things i would LOVE to do and actually might get done today:

  • take a shower (this almost made the things i HAVE to do list because i can smell me)
  • eat some egg and nut free chocolate chip cookies (i might actually get this done today only because i have to bake them today)

Monday, January 26, 2009

PS to bad mommy of the month

she smells like baby now - clean baby :)

bad mommy of the month award

ok - so i was out running errands this morning with little miss k and baby j when baby j started doing the "i've got a dirty diaper" fussy squirm. so i went to change her and sure enough, her diaper was dirty and a little bit of #2 leaked out the sides onto her onsie and the inside of her pants. being lazy and thinking that i would just wait to change her clothes when we got home (and i could also just give her a proper bath then), i slapped on a new diaper and went on my merry way.

well i got home at noon, made lunch for little miss k, went and picked up t-man from school at 1 pm, came home to change baby j's diaper again, and feed baby j while reading little miss k stories for naptime. it is now 2 pm and i am typing this out while finishing baby j's feeding and she has pooped once again and she still needs a wardrobe change. well, i swear i am going to give her a bath right now and get her smelling like roses.

i am embarrassed to post this one, but it could be worse, right? she is a fed, clothed (albeit dirty clothes at times), and very smiley baby. dear readers, please tell me you have similar stories to help make me feel better????

Sunday, January 25, 2009

why everyone should have a big brother...

on friday night, i was tucking t-man into bed when little miss k came running into his room all excited.

little miss k: "mommy, mommy - look what i caught - a ladybug!"

me: "that's great!"

little miss k: "i'm going to put him on t's dresser."

me: "ok"

little miss k: "mommy, he's sleeping. he's not crawling 'cause he's sleeping."

me: "ok - let him sleep." ***

t-man: "i don't think he's not crawling because he's sleeping. k, he's dead."

little miss k: "oh."

*** i know full well that he's probably dead because little miss k is unintentionally the grim reaper of the bug world. she has a tendency to catch ladybugs and then delicately crush them between her two fingers while she carries them around to proudly show everyone her new pet.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Come on now...

no school AGAIN?!?!? REALLY?!?!? didn't even snow last night. the ground is essentially bare - i don't even see a morning frost. i hope the local library is open.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let it snow...

if you are going to cancel school, then let's get more than 1/2 inch of snow.* i'd like to take the kids sledding at least, if half the city is going to shut down...

* to be fair, i heard there were up to 7 inches of snow in some parts of the mountains.

Monday, January 19, 2009

the Weekends Updates

last, last weekend:

  1. reconnected with some of my boston/ND/irish roots, when an old college friend, eileen, came in town for a visit
  2. finally saw the dark knight. it was good. i think it lost some of its appeal/disturbingness when i had to keep stopping it to deal with putting the kids back to bed, feeding baby j, changing diapers, etc. it was in discussions with j the next day that i started to appreciate it more.
  3. had a friend of t-man's, harrison, from school over for dinner with his parents on sunday. we think harry has a bit of a crush on little miss k - so cute.
  4. still need to work on the xmas cards and thank yous!

last weekend:

  1. j flushed the toilet last night - so far, so good
  2. nursery is done... (will post picture later)
  3. i actually worked out for the first time in over a year this past weekend
  4. still need to finish our xmas cards and thank yous!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

which wins?

a matchbox car or our toilet's pipes? i'm asking this question because while t-man was busy dropping a few kids off at the pool this afternoon, he also dropped a car he was playing with in the pool. he somehow thought that by flushing it, he'd be able to retrieve his car. currently our toilet looks like a construction zone. j taped across the toilet seat so that no one uses it while we debate whether to dismantle the toilet or cross our fingers and just keep flushing...

any recommendations?

holidaze wrap up...

so xmas was good - a bit quiet since it was just the 5 of us - but the children's excitement was still infectious.

a few days later hubby's parents came in town for a visit. they were all set to watch all 3 kids for me on new years eve so we could celebrate j's birthday in style. i had gotten us a room downtown and had it all planned out but of course one of the kids had to throw a wrench in the plan. baby j decided to start refusing the bottle! so we were "that" couple with the baby on new years. at one point we sat her up on the hotel bar when we grabbed a drink after dinner. she was a hit with the bartender and other patrons.

granted she has only had 2 bottles before now - but she took them like a champ. i am hoping she decided to refuse the bottle at such an inconvenient time because she wasn't feeling 100%. she seemed to have caught little miss k's "cold". well on sunday morning after new years - we took her to the ER since she was having difficulty breathing. sure enough - she came down with RSV. she did much better after a breathing treatment.

i don't know for sure, but i am blaming all this on a mom that brought her very sick daughter to mass christmas eve. her daughter was probably around 6 or 7 and was coughing up a storm. she just looked sick - she could barely keep her eyes open and laid her head down on her mom's lap for most of the mass. j thought i was being paranoid because i express concern for the baby j (we were in the cry room which was about an 8' by 8' room), but he even admits now that was probably it. what was that mom thinking - not only her poor daughter, but what about all the little kids and baby in that room???? i know i should be more charitable about the situation (we were at church afterall), but i don't really have it in me.

now i have to refocus on the christmas cards - still haven't finished our letter, still haven't sent them out.