Thursday, August 28, 2008

A good sign...

so i arrived here with the kids 3 weeks and 2 days ago and i know i have to catch people up on how everything is going - but i just briefly have to fast forward to today because i know the ND gang will truly appreciate this. little miss k and i went to the grocery store this morning and as i was pulling out of my parking space at 11:47 am on a wednesday, a young clean cut preppy guy walked out of the store carrying only a case of WBL.* i think i'm going to like it here!

*aka warm busch light

What's in a name? Part Blog deux

so i've been racking my brain as to what the name for this blog should be - it actually delayed the premiere of this blog (along with the unpacking, getting everything switched over to our new address, enrolling t-man in a preschool, finishing potty training little miss k - #2 is a killer, oh and dealing with the enjoyment of being almost 8 months pregnant). anyway, shoutout to j9 who i still owe a formal thank you to for sending us a house warming gift last week - a yankee's guide to living in dixie titled "Suddenly Southern".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A New Chapter

Many (well, really just a few) friends who actually read my posts were asking what i was going to do after my move. would i continue with my blog? what would i rename it since i would no longer be in the 112 degree heat? i hadn't really given it much thought, but after reading their comments i knew what i would do. i knew i would conclude that blog with the conclusion of that chapter in my life. i knew that i would start a new blog as my family and i started out on this next adventure.

so if you are reading this - you found me in a small north carolina city (but at least it's a city this time!) welcome and enjoy my ramblings of a yankee now trying to adjust to the south...