Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

this is probably a downer of a post not because i am a year older (people who know me know that i love advertising my birthday) but because it was actually a quiet birthday.

it rained so we needed to do something indoors. it is a holiday so alot of places and restaurants are closed. so hubby and i saw a movie - well, there aren't really any good movies out that i was dying to see. we saw star trek - it was actually good which is saying alot since i am not a sci-fi type of gal.

later we went to a neighbor's cookout which was fun - but it wasn't a birthday party.

all and all it was a good day - just not a great day which i like to aim for on my birthday. maybe i'll just throw myself an unbirthday party later...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

this just in...

i swear baby j just said "ma ma" twice when i was coming over to her high chair to pick her up about 10 minutes ago! of course she won't say anything like it again for another 7 months...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a little suddenly southern twitter...

i am embarrassed to admit that i have the american idol finale on right now while i update my neglected blog. the 2 finalists are singing "We are the champions" and i find myself with a smile on my face thinking of weasel football... (did i blow by the 140 character limit????)

i really do wear the pants in the family...

hubby is out-of-town (way out-of-town as in london) for a few days for work. i am sure a happy homemaker mom would be cool with being left alone with 3 kids and have all these activities planned for them. i, on the other hand, have no plans. no big deal until i realize that t-man is done with school. this means i have 3 kids ALL day for the next few days without a break. this mom's initial response equals the stereotypical dad reaction - can i say PANIC ATTACK??!?!?!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the best deal in town...

ok - so i've got my DD at the end of the street now (can i say pure heaven?!?!?) and it has a drive-thru (soooooooooooo key with the 3 kids in the car) AND this is the best part - i can save some green while being green at the same time (i am so use to have to paying MORE to be green). DD only charges 95 cents for a coffee when you bring your own mug in!!!! at their grand opening they gave out free insulated mugs that look like their large styrofoam cups and now i'm getting my DD at half the price - talk about a wicked awesome deal!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i've never been martha stewart..

and here is another example: i have some major house blog cleaning to do. i haven't even posted about godfather g's visit in feb, my parents visit in march, or our trip to orlando in april. but i'm not going to download the pictures to post tonight so once again i'll be putting off that spring cleaning...

(oh and i still have to do xmas cards...)


baby j just took 4 ozs from the bottle tonight! we have been trying almost daily for the past month to get her to drink from a bottle or a cup - just not from me! This all started on December 30th of last year and now after countless tries since with bm, formula, mommy holding the bottle, daddy holding the bottle, strangers holding the bottle, a special priority shipment of every nipple, bottle, and pacifier imaginable (pam - you are too kind), and 3 different sippy cup types later... we might have broken her.*

* i don't want to jinx myself - i'll just have to keep my fingers crossed. but perhaps i can say "Hilton Head here i come"??!?!?!??